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Basketball 5-0 Tuesday with winners on Miami Heat and Nuggets in NBA plus Texas, Miss State, and Michigan in College Hoops ON FIRE 5-0 SWEEP!

NBA 3-0 Best Bets

Portland Trailblazers @ Charlotte Hornets 7:05pm EST

Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers 7:05pm EST

Atlanta Hawks @ Detroit Pistons 8:05pm


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College Basketball 3-0 Top Play Sweep

Indiana @ Penn State 7:00pm

Miami of Florida @ Wake Forest 8:00pm EST

Kansas State @ Oklahoma State 9:05pm EST



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NFL 2015 Performance Games and Over/Unders


Thursday Night NFL – 21-11 66% Sunday Morning/Afternoon NFL – 44-20 69% Sunday Night NFL – 24-8 75% Monday Night Football – 20-12 63% College Football Thursday – 22-10 63% College Football Friday – 8-1 88% College Football Saturday – 84-54 61%

NFL Preseason 2016 ends on 35 wins, 14 losses, and one push! An unprecedented performance! MLB World Series System Game of the Year Winner! Cubs humiliate the Cleveland Indians on the road 9 to 3 (11/1)! Cubs Win Series Bet, Game 7, and we hit the OVER in World Series Wednesday night. We close out another season with another championship prediction on the books! Check the video from yesterday where I told you the Cubs would win it (11/2)! College Free Best Bet of November with UCLA +Points covering against Colorado (11/3)! 5-1 Friday Winning NBA 2-Team Parlay with New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers both winning as outright dogs! Plus Knicks and Lakers as straight bets picking up four units in NBA! Split in College Football hitting UNDER in Temple/Connecticut but a loss with Connecticut getting shutout (11/4)! 13-8 Overall College Football Saturday. Sorry we were wrong with Best Bet Ohio State not winning by 50, but by 59 beating Nebraska 62-3! Winners with Indiana, Clemson, Florida, TCU, N.C. State, Miami of Florida, and Miss State, plus Miami of Florida and Miss state on money line  6-2-2 Sunday with Winners on Giants, Raiders, Colts, Cowboys, Ravens, Lions; Jets and Rams Push; Losers with 49ers and Chiefs.  3rd Monday Night Parlay in a Row with Bills and OVER! 3-0 in NBA with Hornets, Rockets, and Jazz for Free on Pickphone!  5-0 Tuesday Sweep Winners with Free Winner Brooklyn Outright PLUS 2-0 NCAA with Eastern Michigan and Kent State, plus 3-0 in NBA with Hawks, Suns, and Mavericks! Wednesday winners with Bowling Green as outright 11-point underdog, 2-1 in NBA with Wizards and Raptors, 5-1 over the last 2 days in NBA! Free Winner Wednesday with Hawks in NBA 4-1 Football Thursday With Ravens and Under in NFL and Duke as Free winner outright as an 11 point underdog plus UL Lafayette outright and a loss with Arizona State(11/10)! 2-1 NBA Friday with winners Oklahoma City Thunder and Sacramento Kings covering. Indiana as huge College Basketball Opener winner as a outright dog crushing Kansas (11/11)! 15-4-1 Saturday! Pittsburgh OUTRIGHT, Alabama, Michigan State, Iowa, Colorado, LSU, USC, UCLA, Washing State FREE crushing California(11/12)! 9-3 Sunday NFL! Winners with Philly, Tennessee Titans OUTRIGHT, Miami Dolphins, Broncos, Rams, Chiefs, and hitting the Sunday Night Parlay with the Seattle Seahawks plus the points beating the Patriots OUTRIGHT, plus the over the total and Seattle on the money-line! What a monster winning Sunday (11/13)! 7-1 Monday with Split in NFL winning the Under but losing with Bengals. 6-0 in NBA with 3-0 in paid selections with Pacers, Pistons and Pelicans plus 3-0 NBA Free winners on pickphone with Heat, Clippers, and Grizzlies! 4-0 NCAA Football with Bowling Green and UNDER plus Central Michigan and UNDER! NBA 2-0-1 Free on pickphone with Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, and push With Brooklyn Nets! 8-9 NCAA Saturday with Best Bet UCLA not able to cover and getting rolled by USC, Outright winners Wyoming and Iowa, Winners with Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, and pickphone winners with Vanderbilt +10 dominating Mississippi 38-17 Outright, Arkansas +1/PK dominating Mississippi State 58-42, and Penn State -25 shutting out Rutgers 39 to 0! Started Best Bet of the day winning with Minnesota Vikings ended with Redskins! Overall 5-5 day with winners being Buccaneers, Colts, and Bears!   7-1 Winning Day! Tuesday Night Winners with 2-0 Sweep in College Football With Ball State plus points and Easter Michigan winning outright! 3-0 in NBA with Winners Knicks and Nuggets and Lakers outright! 2-0 Free on Pickphone with both College Football over/unders(11/22)!   Wednesday 3-1 Day With Winners on Raptors, Hornets, North Carolina(11/23)!   8-3 Winning Thanksgiving Holiday! Best Better winners Washington Redskins covering in NFL and LSU dominating Texas AM in college! 3-1 in Totals with a 3-0 Sweep in NFL Totals Under in Vikings/Lions, Over in Wash/Dallas, and Under in Pittsburgh/Indy! 3-0 Sweep in College Basketball on the Free Pickphone with Louisville +2.5 over Wichita State winning outright 62 to 52, Baylor -4 over Michigan State winning 73-58, and Virginia Tech -4 over New Mexico 92-72(11/24)!   5-3 Winning Friday With Best Bet Arizona crushing Arizona State 56 to 35! Plus winners Missouri, TCU, Memphis, and Free Pick phone Winner Texas Tech +4 crushing Baylor outright 54 to 35!   8-5 Overall College Football Saturday! Sweep of Best Bets with Michigan and New Mexico, Free Winner California +3 winning 36-10! Rest of winners include UL Lafayette, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Oregon State!   10-5 Sunday with Bears, Jets, Buccaneers, Panthers, Over in Chiefs/Broncos, Under in Chargers/Texans, Over in Titans/Bears, Over in Bills/Jaguars, Under in Bengals/Raves, and Over in Cardinals/Falcons(11/27)!   Split in Monday Night with Loss on Eagles and winner on UNDER! 3-0 in NBA with Thunder, Hornets and Jazz! CBB Best Bet with Boise State +18 covering and only losing by five! What a monster Basketball Monday(11/28)!   6-2 Basketball Tuesday with a 3-0 Sweep in NBA with Jazz as huge outright winner, Bucks and Pistons plus Free Winner Illinois over NC State. 2-2 in College Hoops with Pittsburgh as monster outright Winner and Michigan State with the cover(11/29)!   3-2 Basketball Wednesday with Best Bet Winners Miami Heat +6.5 OUTRIGHT smoking the Nuggets 106-98, outright winner with Phoenix Suns, plus Virginia Tech as outright winner in College Best Bet!

































































































January 2017



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2015 NFL / College Free Pick Record: 71 wins, 41 Losses


2016 Results and Record: Huge winner with Mariners over Tigers (8/10)! Thursday free winner was Patriots crushing Saints 34-22! Friday free winner Oakland Raiders dominating Arizona Cardinals 31 to 10 as a 3-point underdog! Titans as free winner in preseason Saturday crushing Chargers 27 to 10! Sunday picking up total with UNDER 39. Sixth straight winner in MLB Monday Night with Royals over Tigers! Six straight days of absolutely free winners! Fifth straight winner in Preseason Football with Packers over Raiders Thursday (8/18)! Saturday Winner with Rams +1 over Chiefs (8/20)! Sunday Winner with UNDER in Mets / Giants Matchup (8/21)! Monday Winner with Seattle Mariners! Tuesday Winner with Dodgers! 12 Free Winners in a Row! 8th Free Preseason Football Winner with Miami Dolphins crushing the Atlanta Falcons 17 to 6 (8/25)!  Crushing Friday with the Buccaneers (8/26)! 10th straight preseason winner with Eagles crushing the Colts (8/27)! 11th Straight Free Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars beating Bengals 26-21! NFL Preseason Wednesday Special Game winner with UNDER in Washington / Tampa Bay as 12thstraight free pickphone winner( 8/31)! Stu winning his $100,000 NCAA opening play with UNDER in San Jose State / Tulsa (9/3)! Huge Free Parlay winner with Mets and UNDER the total in MLB Sunday night (9/4)! Another winner Labor Day with Houston Astros (9/6)! 3-0 Sweep with Cardinals, Whitesox, and Athletics Tuesday (9/6)!   12-0 in Preseasonal Football! 9/6/16 – MLB Tuesday Winners: 7:05pm EST – Cardinals MONEYLINE – WINNER 8:10pm EST – Whitesox MONEYLINE -WINNER 10:05pm EST Athletics MONEYLINE – WINNER 9/7/16 – MLB Wednesday Winners: 7:10pm – Marlins MONEYLINE – WINNER 8:10pm – Twins MONEYLINE – WINNER 8:10pm – Brewers MONEYLINE – WINNER Thursday NFL Opening Winner with OVER in Broncos/Panthers (9/8)! Split Friday hitting the UNDER in Maryland / Florida International (9/9)! MONSTER Saturday CFB Parlay with Arkansas and OVER plus Parlay (9/10)! Back To Back Winning Football Parlays with New England Patriots and UNDER Sunday Night (9/11)!  3rd Straight Winning Parlay Late Monday Night Football with San Francisco 49ers and UNDER shutting out the Los Angeles Rams (9/12)! Tuesday MLB Free Winner with New York Yankees shutting out Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0 (9/13)! Free MLB Winner Wednesday Night with Indians beating White Sox 6-1 (9/15)! 4th Straight Free football parlay with Houston beating Cincinnati 40-16 and UNDER (9/15)! 5th Straight Winning Football Parlay with Mississippi State and UNDER plus the parlay bet! Second Straight Sunday Night Parlay Winner and 6th Free Parlay with Minnesota Vikings and UNDER (9/18)! The streak of free winners comes to an end as Carson Wentz shines as the best youngest quarterback Your Source has seen, possibly in all of football history. We end with 6 straight football parlays and 7 straight parlays overall. We return to a winning parlay in MLB Tuesday night with San Francisco Giants and Under! Up a unit Friday Night on 3-Team Round Robin with UNDER 68 in TCU/SMU and UNDER 60 in Wyoming/Eastern Michigan (9/23)! Atlanta Falcons crush New Orleans Saints 45-32 OUTRIGHT! Huge Monday Night Winner (9/26/16) Thursday TV NCAA 2-Team Parlay Winner! Under in Kansas/Texas Tech and Over in UConn/Houston plus Parlay bet! Perfect 3-0 Thursday (9/29)! Friday NCAA 2-Team Parlay Peferect 3-0! Toledo plus points, OVER posted total, and the parlay! 2 free 2-Team Parlays in a row! (9/30) 3 Straight Parlay in a row with Saturday NCAA 3-Team TV Parlay! Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and UCLA meaning 3-Team Parlay, 3 2-Team Parlay, and 3 Straight up Bets resulting in nearly 18 to 1 on your investment! ALL given to you for FREE! What a sweet Saturday sweep (10/1)! Free Wednesday College Football Parlay Winner with Arkansas State +7.5 beating Georgia Southern OUTRIGHT! Plus UNDER the posted total and the parlay bet (10/5)! Thursday Free College Football Parlay Winner with Louisiana Tech winning OUTRIGHT and OVER the posted total (10/6)! Friday free winner with SMU covering only losing by 3 even though they were plus 15 against Tulsa! Monster Free CFB Winner (10/7)! Free College Parlay monster winner with Washington obliterating Oregon 70-21 and going way over the posted total (10/8). Free NFL Parlay Winner with Push on Side and Winning Under and the Parlay becomes a winning straight bet (10/9)! MLB Playoff Over/Under 3-0 Sweep, OVER in Dodgers/Nationals, OVER in Cubs/Giants, UNDER in Indians/Red Sox! What a perfect 3-0 Sweep (10/10)! Free Winners West Virginia crushing Texas Tech 15-0 ATS Saturday College record, plus free parlay easy winner with Stanford +3 and UNDER plus the Parlay! What an amazing Free College Football Parlay of the Year as Stanford defeats Notre Dame OUTRIGHT! 2-0 Thursday Sweep with 2-Team Parlay winning with BYU and South Alabama as underdogs beating out Boise State and Troy respectively. Saturday and epic 3-0 with winning the evening parlay in epic fashion with Penn state as a seventeen and a half point underdog winning OUTRIGHT 24-21 and staying more than a touchdown UNDER 55. Thursday Night 3-Team Parlay SWEEP with Ohio beating Toledo OUTRIGHT, Buffalo as a 19.5 dog beating Akron OUTRIGHT, and Appalachian State crushing Georgia Southern 34-10! Split Friday with San Diego State winner but loss with Fresno State(10/28)! Game 7 World Series Winner Given Absolutely FREE! The Chicago Cubs break the 108 year old billy goat curse! Check yesterday’s video still up! Free winner 11/9 with Atlanta Hawks! Free Winner Outright Dog DUKE, +11.5! (11/10/16) 11/14/15 – Free NBA 3-0 – Heat +11 Cover Spurs 90-94, Clippers -16.5 Crush Nets 127-95, Grizzlies Crush +6 Jazz 102-96 Saturday Night 3-0 Sweep FREE with Vanderbilt +10 dominating Mississippi 38-17 Outright, Arkansas +1/PK dominating Mississippi State 58-42, and Penn State -25 shutting out Rutgers 39 to 0! Free Winner Friday with Texas Tech +4 crushing Baylor Outright 54 to 35! Free Winner Saturday with California +3 defeating UCLA 36-10! Free Tuesday College winner with Illinois over NC State (11/29) Free Thursday College Basketball winner with Cincinnati Winning Outright! Friday Free Winner Chicago Bulls beating the World Champs OUTRIGHT 111 to 105! Saturday Free Winner with Gonzaga! Monday Free Winner with Connecticut as Half time and Game winner!! HUGE Free winner with Iowa crushing Iowa State OUTRIGHT +6, 78 to 64! NFL Sunday Free Winner was EASY under call in the New Orleans Saints / Tampa Bay Buccaneers match up! NBA Tuesday Winner with New Orleans Pelicans! Another Easy NBA winner tonight! NBA Wednesday Free Winner San Antonio Spurs! 2 in a row and going for two more tonight!



New Year Winner with Total in Packers/Lions!

3-0 Sweep Wednesday on ESPN2 Selections with winners Duke, Oregon, and Nevada (1/4)!

1/14/17 – Free NFL winner with Over in New England / Houston!



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