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I am now ready on the diamond.  With a day of research and meetings in regards to the NBA, I have zeroed in on three MLB games.  DO NOT WAIT til the all-star break to bet baseball.  NOW is the best time to score out.


Marlins vs. Mets 7:05
Indians vs. Twins 8:05
Reds vs. Cardinals 8:15

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NBA Personal Plays-


Here is my top package.  Here is the package for bettors that move between $5,000 – $500,000 on each game.  These are only the VERY top plays.  These are 100% information plays.  This package is GUARANTEED to hit 80%.  These are plays that will be released 2 hours before tip-off and when we bet them, we are going to HAMMER THEM!.


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NBA Private Play Package -


This is a fantastic package for someone that wants to make a years worth of money in a short amount of time.  My private plays are plays that you can move between $500 – $10,000.  Each and every day of the NBA playoffs I will have at least one selection and many days two.  This package is GUARANTEED to hit at 70%!

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NBA High Roller Package


This is a great value package.  Each and every day of the NBA playoffs I will have between 2-4 plays.  I will manage your money and I will be on a rating system.  These plays will hit at a 65% clip or better.  These are plays that will be released at 1PM and will have a number of factors in our favor.

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April 16, 2015


I am flying to meet with my top NBA consultants for the playoffs. 


NBA – 39-20

NBA Top Bet – 29-9 (17 -5 Run)

Howie Feiner 91-76 (33-15 Top Bet Run)

ATTENTION - I am your source.  Stu Feiner.   516-698-8870.   My father has been in the business for over 55 years and yours truly is now approaching 35 years.  Year in and year out we make money.  In 35 years, I have not had ONE losing season.  My strongest months?  April, May & June.  Why?  I am the greatest NBA handicapper on the planet and do you know who the second greatest is?  My father Howie Feiner.  I also own MLB, especially in the early months.  Vegas makes a ton of mistakes and their top guys are on other sports.  Do not wait until “next year” or “next week” or “next day”.  The time is now.  Call me to chat.  516-698-8870.