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NCAA Saturday

LOOK AT THESE FIVE GAMES I HAVE.  Just look at them.  Does it get any bigger?  Does it get any better?  ALL FIVE GAMES, for ONE LOW PRICE!


Ohio St. @ Michigan 12:00
Penn St. @ Michigan St. 3:30
Florida St. @ Florida 7:30
Texas A&M @ LSU 7:30
Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St. 8:00

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My college has been incredible this season and today I have FOUR games all equal strength.  Take a look!


Alabama @ Auburn 3:30
UCLA @ USC 3:30
Mississippi @ Mississippi St. 7:15
Notre Dame @ Stanford 7:30

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Each and every weekend, there will be ONE game, one money game where we step up and take down your man.

We also will have NBA each and every day.

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65-36 RECORD

35-16 RUN

23-9 RUN


Detroit @ OKC 8:00 (Free Winner 11/27)

Here is your free winner.  I have been red hot and tonight we go for another one.   How about a 35-16 run?   This is getting out of hand how strong my free selections have been.  If you are a $1,000 bettor just on FREE picks you are up over $29,000!.  Yes,  65-36 since I started my FREE pick page.  There is no one better in the world with free selections than your source. 23-9 RUN.

WOW, on fire! I am already 8-3 with free NBA selections.  Tonight we head back to the NBA floor for a road dog that has a chance to win this game out-right.  I know everyone loves OKC, but I don’t see it.  A new coach, an aging super-star, a battle with Westbrook on his shot selection.  This isn’t a team to trust laying a big number against a physical team.  Detroit has played well on the road and that will continue tonight.  Look for the rebounding edge to be a big factor.

Your Winner Is: Detroit Pistons+

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