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March Madness Package-


Do you want every game?  Do you want every winner?  Do you want from the first round to the championship for one low price?  Do you know how many games you will get? Over 60 games.  60 games!  All my high roller selections and private plays.  ALL OF THEM.  The last three years I was 68.7% and even better from the sweet 16 on with a winning percentage of 72.3% in those games.  This is it.  This package WILL GO UP IN PRICE each week, so the time to buy is now!!!

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2/9/ 16

42-25 NCAA RUN

11-4 NBA RUN!


I MAKE MONEY FOR MY CLIENTS 365 days a year. After my Super Bowl win, I GO 3-1 last night!


WVU @ Kansas 7:00
Michigan St. @ Purdue 7:00
Georgia @ Kentucky 9:00

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Howie Feiner 99-57 Top Bet Run

CFB Top Bet 18-5

Total Run 24-9!


Do you want a free pick?  Do you want to go off of some website?  OR do you want someone who invented this business?  Do you want someone who is known as the GODFATHER of sports gambling?  Someone with 50 years experience.  THAT is what you should do, that is what YOU HAVE TO DO.  I don’t need your money.  I want you to beat Vegas like I do.   Want to really score out?  CLICK ON PACKAGES for ONE DAY, ONE WEEK, ONE MONTH and ONE SEASON!

Howie Feiner -


Spurs @ Heat 8:00
Wizards @ Knicks 8:05
Celtics @ Bucks 8:05


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Summer special!  Each and every day I have a special gift.  I will be providing a free winner every day with analysis.  Keep track and then you want more winners?  You want more results?  Pay for my premium selections!  Free pick winner below!


84-63-1 RECORD

54-43-1 RUN


SUPER BOWL 50 (2/7 Free Pick)


The greatest single breakdown of a game in the history of the sports touting business.  The single most profitable game in the history of the sports touting the business.  It is no longer Jimmy the Greek, it is STU the Greek.  How impressive was Stu on this game?  He NAILED IT, down to the MVP at 25:1.  Stu nailed EVERY selection, every Parlay.  This was bet more than SEVEN different ways.  All coming out roses!  Do you want to see what 110,000 people heard on the “HERD” the number 1 sports talk show in the country?  Stu went on there several days ago and told you exactly what would happen.  Check it out for yourself:

Do you want the full break-down?  Check out Stu’s video.  HE HAS IT ALL.

Denver Broncos MONEY LINE

Denver Broncos PLUS THE POINTS






STU NCAA Hoops 42-25-1

STU NBA 29-9

STU College Football TOP Play 15-7

STU MNF – 9 -2 Run SIDES


Howie Feiner College Top Bet 17-5

Howie Feiner TOTAL RUN 24-9




Each and every weekend, there will be ONE game, one money game where we step up and take down your man.

We also will have NBA each and every day.

Call me right now at 516-698-8870516-698-8870 for this special information and syndicate package.

Long Term Packages

Call Stu Directly and Discuss Available Discounts at 516-698-8870

One Day Pass ONE DAY PASS (All Handicappers) Get all of  Howie’s and Stu’s selections for ONE FULL DAY!  GET IT NOW!!! DOES NOT INCLUDE PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN OR FULL BOAT 

One Week Pass ONE WEEK PASS (All Handicappers) Will be at least 50 Plays! Get all Howie’s and Stu’s selections for an entire seven days. This is over a $2,000 Value. You don’t just buy , HOWIE and Stu for one day, you give them a week and they can change your life! DOES NOT INCLUDE PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN OR FULL BOAT  GET IT NOW!!!

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One Month Pass ONE MONTH PASS (All Handicappers) Will be at least 200 Plays! Get all  Howie’s and Stu’s selections for an entire THIRTY days. This is over a $8,000 Value. You don’t just buy , HOWIE and Stu for one day, you give them a month and they can change your life!  This DOES include FULL BOAT AND PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN  GET IT NOW!!!

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SEASON PASS: ALL selections through the Super Bowl!

Do you want every selection this college and pro football season?  Do you want every MLB winner?  Do you want NBA when it starts?  I have it all.  This is a deal that will not last long.  This is a deal that normally retails for FIVE times the price.  One purchase sets you up for the greatest year of your life!  You will receive every selection from not only your source Stu Feiner, but also the Godfather Howie Feiner through the Super Bowl.  EVERY online selection, including Full Boat can be had for one low price.  This will be the greatest investment of your life.

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ATTENTION - I am your source.  Stu Feiner.   516-698-8870.  I AM the greatest basketball handicapper in the world.  Look at my college basketball record.  Do NOT wait until March.  The time to make money is now.  Now, when Vegas is still focused on the playoffs.  My father and I will have over 25 selections each week in NBA and NCAA.  How much do you want to make?