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When they are on the big stage and the bright lights shine, I am your man.  Last night I told you that the Notre Dame fighting Irish would prove to be the toughest test for the Kentucky Wildcats.  Now today I have two more winners.


Michigan St. vs. Louisville 2:20

Gonzaga vs. Duke 5:05

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March 29, 2015


I am the godfather.  I have been working in this business for 50 years.  NO ONE in the world has more close ties to teams and information than yours truly.  Everyone is focused on the elite 8, but I am your man to score out in the NBA.  Last night I went a strong 2-1 with the Hornets and Jazz winning.  Today I have FOUR plays for the price of one.  Let’s make money in the NBA.


Rockets vs. Wizards 12:30

Lakers vs. Nets 3:35

Grizzlies vs. Spurs 7:05

Thunder vs. Suns 9:05

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NBA – 30-18

NBA Top Bet – 26-8 (14 -4 Run)

NCAA Hoops 105-72

NCAA Hoops Top Bet 38-20

Howie Feiner 80-68 (29-12 Top Bet Run)

ATTENTION – In the biggest game of the year, I come through the biggest.  With my first and only WAIVE THE RATING game last night, I make my clients HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS & MILLIONS of dollars.  I told all of my clients that Kentucky would win by 30.  I told all my clients that every sucker and their mother was taking WVU and the points and they would all get CRUSHED.  I told you Kentucky would play their A game and it would be men against boys.  Final Score – 78-39 Kentucky.  JUST AS I SAID.  When the games get tougher to read, I GET STRONGER.  Let’s keep it rolling.  Call me right now and score out.  I am your source.  Stu Feiner.   516-698-8870.