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Padres @ Mets 12:10 (Free Winner 7/30)

Already 8- 4 with my FREE PICK FEINER section.   Yes, I am 8-4 with my free pick selections.  You stay with m e and I will make you a lot of money.  Today on camp day we go with the NY Mets.  The Mets are a reality TV show when it comes to their front office, but their pitching is the best in the league outside of Colon.  Jon Niese throws a big game as the Mets win and give themselves a chance to play for the division lead this weekend against the Nats.

Your Winner Is:  NY Mets-



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Braves @ Phillies 7:05
Yankees @ Rangers 8:05
Angels @ Astros 8:10

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Howie Feiner MLB RUN – 30-13

Howie Feiner 58-28 Top Bet Run


Cubs @ Brewers 8:10

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Howie Feiner 58-29 Top Bet Run

Howie Feiner MLB RUN – 30-14

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