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October 9, 2015

How about the Saturday I had for my 2,743 clients!

5-1 Saturday!!!

Purdue+, TCU-, Alabama-, Florida +, Minnesota (L)

AND the grand daddy of them all ARIZONA St. +13 at night for my high rollers!  I even had them bet it on the money line!  THAT is the type of game you get when you are in my HIGH ROLLER CLUB (See other tab).

How about on Sunday going 2-1, led by St. Louis and Chicago OUTRIGHT!



NC St. @ Va Tech 8:00

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Howie Feiner 78-46 Top Bet Run

CFB Top Bet 12-1

Total Run 9-0!


Do you want a free pick?  Do you want to go off of some website?  OR do you want someone who invented this business?  Do you want someone who is known as the GODFATHER of sports gambling?  Someone with 50 years experience.  THAT is what you should do, that is what YOU HAVE TO DO.  I don’t need your money.  I want you to beat Vegas like I do.   Want to really score out?  CLICK ON PACKAGES for ONE DAY, ONE WEEK, ONE MONTH and ONE SEASON!

How about 6-1 in my last SEVEN college football selections? Including 3-0 TOTAL SWEEP Thursday night!

How about my top bet of BAYLOR Saturday?  They CRUSH Texas Tech!


SNF – UNDER in Dallas/ New Orleans

MNF – UNDER in Detroit/Seattle

MLB – UNDER in Houston/NYY

MLB- UNDER in Chicago/Pittsburgh

I have hit NINE STRAIGHT TOTALS.  TONIGHT WILL BE 11 in a row.  How much money have you made with me?


 Chicago @ St. Louis 6:45 (MLB Playoffs)

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October 6 – November 4!

Far and away one of the best packages I have to offer.  In this package you will get EVERY MLB selection in the playoffs.  YES, that includes the wild card games, YES that includes the World Series.  Every single game is YOURS!  This will be a minimum of  29 games and up to over 40 games, all for one low price.  You can’t beat it.  This deal will only be available for a few more days.  Each and every day score out on the diamond.  Let’s roll!

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Long Term Packages

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One Day Pass ONE DAY PASS (All Handicappers) Get all of  Howie’s and Stu’s selections for ONE FULL DAY!  GET IT NOW!!! DOES NOT INCLUDE PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN OR FULL BOAT 

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One Week Pass ONE WEEK PASS (All Handicappers) Will be at least 50 Plays! Get all Howie’s and Stu’s selections for an entire seven days. This is over a $2,000 Value. You don’t just buy , HOWIE and Stu for one day, you give them a week and they can change your life! DOES NOT INCLUDE PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN OR FULL BOAT  GET IT NOW!!!

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One Month Pass ONE MONTH PASS (All Handicappers) Will be at least 200 Plays! Get all  Howie’s and Stu’s selections for an entire THIRTY days. This is over a $8,000 Value. You don’t just buy , HOWIE and Stu for one day, you give them a month and they can change your life!  This DOES include FULL BOAT AND PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN  GET IT NOW!!!

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SEASON PASS: ALL selections through the Super Bowl!

Do you want every selection this college and pro football season?  Do you want every MLB winner?  Do you want NBA when it starts?  I have it all.  This is a deal that will not last long.  This is a deal that normally retails for FIVE times the price.  One purchase sets you up for the greatest year of your life!  You will receive every selection from not only your source Stu Feiner, but also the Godfather Howie Feiner through the Super Bowl.  EVERY online selection, including Full Boat can be had for one low price.  This will be the greatest investment of your life.

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Summer special!  Each and every day I have a special gift.  I will be providing a free winner every day with analysis.  Keep track and then you want more winners?  You want more results?  Pay for my premium selections!  Free pick winner below!


Mets @ Dodgers 9:45 (Free Winner 10/9)

41-25 Run

Do you see my free pick record?  Do you see what I have done over my last TWO WEEKS days?  10-4!  Tonight we turn to the diamond and to playoff baseball for a free winner.  The best pitcher in this series takes the mound tonight in this National League Division series.  Guess what his name is?  Jacob deGrom.  That is right, he is going to be the MVP of the series.  I expect him to go 2-0 and have a sub 2.00 ERA.  This guy doesn’t get the recognition he deserves because he isn’t the “Dark Knight”, but he goes out there and is nearly un-hittable 90% of the time.  He is rested and he is ready to show the world he is the best pitcher on the Mets.  I like the Mets right handed power bats led by Cespedes and Wright and I look for the upset tonight in LA.  Take the NY Mets.

Your Winner Is: NY Mets+

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Listen back to the premiere episode here from October 4th, 2015: Listen Now!



STU College Football TOP Play 9-3


Howie Feiner College Top Bet 12-1

Howie Feiner TOTAL RUN 9-0

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