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Howie Feiner

howie_shotI grew up in Brooklyn in the early 40’s.  In my youth I proudly served my country for many years.  When I came out of the service I was trying to find myself and what I wanted from my life.  I began hanging around the old pool rooms and bowling alleys that was at that time filled with: bookmakers, shilocks and degenerate gamblers.  I immediately became infused by the energy.  That is where my education in gambling began and now 50 years later I have the highest level PHD in the gambling business.

I have earned my reputation as the godfather by yielding results that people claim to do but fail miserably.  I WIN. My experience in reading a line allows me to create my own power ratings so I can make my own line, and knowing for a fact where the smart money is being bet has made me a winner for over 6 decades.

Clients trust me with their cash to the tune of betting millions of dollars a year on my opinion. Do I get private information? I absolutely do and that DOES absolutely effect the outcomes of games. This information cost millions of dollars to obtain and even if you had the money you couldn’t get to the people I speak too.  Do you know their families for 40 or 50 years?

I work with a private gambling syndicate that has won better than 65% in baseball, college and pro football and college and pro basketball for 50 years. Talk is cheap. What I learned in Brooklyn in the 1940’s still holds true today.

Let my Godfather system and results do my talking. Trust me for one week and let my winners speak for themselves. For me its not rocket science, its 20 hour days 7 days a week 365 days a year for the last half a century. Do you want action or do you want results?

I do not need your money, but I need to see you respect me and respect the process.  You want my good faith?  You provide that same faith and we can begin our business together.

You do what you do best and let me guarantee you right now that I will make all your winning sports gambling dreams come true. Remember money won is 10 times sweeter than money earned. Let me do my job so that you can enjoy your life.

When we build up a trust I will meet you in Vegas for the best steak dinner of your life.  Before that we will build a bankroll based on information games only.

To reach me please call my son at 516-698-8870 to be interviewed and find out if you are the right kind of player for me. I have no time for bullshit and he will determine if you have the discipline and bankroll to deserve any of my time.

Howie Feiner