Who is ” The Source”?

Tstu_headshothe money making season is here. What did we do all summer? We built a bankroll to have the best football season possible.   Were you smart enough to play baseball with me for the last four months? If you did you are up thousands and hundreds of thousands. What did we do all football season?  Only had one of the best seasons of my 34 year career.  Winning top play after top play.  Leading the way in College Football and having the BEST bowl season of my life.  NFL top players week after week.  Now college and pro basketball is here.  MY BREAD AND BUTTER Will I win every game? No. Will I win 90%? No. Will I win more than YOU? HELL YES. Will I win more than anyone on the internet? I have every year since the site has been live 15 years go. Will I go on streaks and hit eight in a row? I am famous for it. You judge me on a week, a month or a season, not ONE PLAY (Unless it is Game Of The Year etc.). Make the smart move, know the proper money to move. I am your source and 2016 is here! Pay attention to the names of the games and take a look at the stats to back them. Stu Feiner is the world’s premiere handicapper. For over 30 years Stu served as a pioneer, continual innovator, and face of sports handicapping.

Born and raised on Long Island New York, Stu earned his title “The Source” for his accuracy and unmatched expertise. Since 1982, Stu Feiner has been a national force and household name in the world of Professional Sports Gambling. While others have tried, no handicappers see the success rate or win percentages that are a result of Stu’s dedication and experience handling millions and millions of dollars. Other handicappers owe their existence to Stu, who not only defined what handicapping is but also continued to change the game and set the playing-field into the digital age.    Perhaps one of the most recognizable images is Stu Feiner’s “Sports Advisors” television nationally syndicated television show. Beginning in 1989, Sports Advisors defined the generation of sports gambling, demonstrating gambling as a financial market with lucrative returns. Among this, Stu also counts his national radio show “Stu for the Money” and his memoir Betcha I Can!